Lecture: Publishing on Amazon

amazon boxMany authors, musicians, and film makers dream about producing books, CD’s and DVD’s. But when the book is written, the album recorded, or the film cut, how should they be published and made available on the global marketplace?

The traditional methods of submitting work via agents to  book publishing companies, record companies, and film production companies yields often no results for the majority of creative individuals and teams.

Going it alone, by printing bulk orders of books, CD’s and DVD’s, can be expensive. And then there is always the storage, marketing and distribution to take care of…

However now, with PrintOnDemand (POD) technology, there is another way.

Instead of producing large quantites of product, the POD system means that products are created only when they are ordered and paid for, which provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. What’s more, POD is available to anyone – with or without an agent or publisher.

The quality of POD products matches the quality of similar high-volume produced items – without the expensive set up and production costs.

This 3 hour lecture, “How to publish books, CD’s, and DVD’s on amazon.com” answers the questions:

  • What is PrintOnDemand?
  • What are some of the major POD companies?
  • Amazon, CreateSpace, Lulu – what’s the difference?
  • How do I sign up?
  • What are the technical specifications for publishing books?
  • What are the technical specifications for publishing CD’s?
  • What are the technical specifications for publishing DVD’s?
  • How are books/CD’s/DVD’s published using POD?
  • What distribution channels are available?
  • How do royalties and taxes work?
  • How can I market my POD titles?

Length: 3 hours
Language: English/Swedish (questions in English/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish)
Requirements: Projector capable of connecting to a PC
Max. attendance: 50 people

For more information, or to book this lecture for your organisation, contact me here.