Trumpet / brass tuition

038-480I’ve been teaching brass instruments for over 20 years, and have taught at all levels from beginners to Masters students, and all ages from 7 to 70+

To bring out the absolute best in my students, I employ a simple and effective approach to the physical and mental aspects of brass playing and performance, and combine this with an ever-present sense of musicality.

Enjoyment and rapid improvement are two of the main goals for beginning students, whilst the pursuit of high standards and artistic expression are added to this as students develop.

For those students seeking internationally recognized qualifications, I offer the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) graded examination system.

Lesson fees:
1 lesson @ 60 minutes: 800 NOK

Lessons can be given in English, Swedish, or Norwegian.

A review for trumpet tuition
“Since our lesson I’ve been working really hard to maintain the posture you helped me to achieve and to breathe in a more relaxed way. If you recall, I had to adjust my chin a little down in addition to my back and neck and I said that I felt the muscles in my neck really short and that the feeling was weird, even knowing that my posture was perfect that way. After a week I didn’t feel that the position was weird anymore, I think I got the muscles “extended” on the right position.

The results in my playing appeared immediately. My sound is fuller and has a better quality, I am being able to control the dynamics, principally the pianos and its being surprisingly easier to play louder on the high register. After doing the exercises to relax the glottis area and the tongue I improved my articulation speed considerably and the double tongue is getting better as well. [My conductor] told me he noticed during the brass ensemble rehearsal a good difference in my sound, and I was able to make through the rehearsal just fine and not feel like someone punched me on the face at the end.

Well, thank you so much again for coming here, your input helped me a lot. It is very stimulating for me as a trumpeter to feel some improvements in such a small period of time. I am considering to write my doctoral thesis about the benefits of correct body posture and relaxation for trumpet players and if you agree I would like to keep in contact and get some guidance from you in the future!

Once more, thanks a lot!”

– Arthur Zanin – DMA trumpet student, Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Arts

To book lessons, or for further information, please contact me here.