Musician’s Focal Dystonia rehabilitation

neuronsIn 2005, as a trumpet player I was afflicted with Task Specific Focal Dystonia in my embouchure.

Briefly, Task-Specific Focal Dystonia in musicians is a neuro-muscular condition, brought about by inefficiencies in playing mechanics, inefficiencies of mental direction/intention, and negative neuro-associations generally built up over a long period of time. Specific learned tasks that once seemed ‘natural’ or easy become difficult or impossible in sufferers of TSFD.

In my case, there was a breakdown in the the neurological processes involved in controlling the facial muscles involved in trumpet playing.

Having visited several specialists, I was diagnosed with TSFD, and told that the condition is incurable.

However, after much research and learning about several rehabilitation methods – physical, mental, and emotional – I now understand the condition as it pertains to musicians, have solved the issue for myself, and am able to offer help and guidance to other musicians with Task Specific Focal Dystonia.

If you are a musician seeking help with Task Specific Focal Dystonia, send me a message here.