Performance psychology lecture / workshop

lecture-workshopThis performance psychology lecture / workshop is designed to introduce key concepts from the book Performing in The Zone.

Workshop goals

  • To explain why we all perform at different levels
  • To introduce the phenomenon of performance arousal
  • To create motivation to achieve an optimal level of performance arousal
  • To explain the body/mind relationship
  • To demonstrate specific exercises designed to help performers achieve an ideal state of mind both before and during performances

Workshop content

  • Introduction – how to get the most out of this workshop
  • Introduction – my story
  • Why we perform at different levels: The Alternative Performance Equation
  • Performance arousal – anxiety and excitement
  • Why we experience performance arousal – your Autonomous Nervous System
  • What is The Zone?
  • How much positive performance arousal do you need?
  • A motivational exercise: What, why and how?
  • The power of focus
  • How to control performance arousal: The body/mind relationship
  • How to control performance arousal: Technique: Going Peripheral
  • How to control performance arousal: Technique: Open feeling breathing
  • How to control performance arousal: Technique: Qi Gong standing meditation
  • The importance of structure – Practising Performing
  • Conclusion – recap of workshop
  • Conclusion – recommended reading

Workshop duration

  • 2 – 3 hours

Reviews for this workshop
“We all enjoyed Jon’s workshop “Performing in The Zone” on Monday. Jon has fabulous presentation skills mixed with very positive energy and humour. The students I spoke to loved it and we all learned a lot with good stimulating and simple exercises to try at home. I highly recommend for him to come back and do a piano class, a string class, a voice class and another repeat WW/Brass class! His expertise is of interest for all instruments and is inspiring for all.”
– Uwe Grodd, Associate Professor, Auckland University School of Music

“Jon, your session on Performing in the Zone was right on target for our students. Most of them are at that musical developmental stage where the identification of factors that address and improve preparation and performance is critical. The mind/body connection was clearly presented and provided our students with strategies that are certain to improve their overall physical, musical and emotional approach to preparing and presenting musical performances. Several students remarked to me that this workshop should be a required course in every music school! Quite the recommendation!”
– Jerry Peel, Horn Professor, Assistant Chair of Brass Studies, Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts

“En mycket givande föreläsning!!!”
– kursdeltagare, Retorikcentrum, Göteborg

Jon Gorries föreläsning var fantastisk och användbar på alla sätt och vis 🙂
– retorikstudent, Institutionen för svenska språket, Göteborgs Universitet

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