Performing in The Zone

performing-in-the-zone-book-stackIn 2008 I embarked upon a project called “Performing in The Zone.”

Initially, the project was planned as a small eBook in .pdf format, and would include an assortment of various techniques designed to help musicians achieve better results in high-pressure performing situations such as auditions and solo concerts.

However, the project grew into a 224 page book aimed at performers of all disciplines, and of all levels. “Performing in The Zone” was published in July 2009 and became a #1 best selling new release on

But the “Performing in The Zone” project didn’t stop there.

Shortly after “Performing in The Zone” was released, I started receiving enquiries about personal performance coaching. Lectures and workshops followed, as well as the publication of several other smaller books relating to the management of performance anxiety.

I continue to give 1-on-1 performance coaching in person and online via skype, and offer lectures and workshops in the fields of performance preparation and psychology.

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