Performance psychology coaching


What is the aim of performance psychology coaching?

Performance psychology coaching aims to help you to feel more calm, confident, and in control when under the spotlight, so that you can enjoy your performing situations.

How many sessions do you need?

This varies greatly from person to person, and performing situation to performing situation. Two or three sessions may be enough for one person in one particular performance arena, whereas another person may require five or more. This is very individual.

It’s more than just another chat session!

Performance psychology coaching is not about you going on Skype for an hour and then suddenly you are a master performer. It is about having your current situation assessed, goals defined, a path made to help you achieve those goals, tools to help you get there, and support to lead you through the process.

A very important point to note here: You will get given the tools, but it’s up to you to use them.

Depending upon your requirements, you will be given mini assignments to carry out between consultations. These may be short and simple, or more involved, depending upon who you are, and what your current situation is.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Coaching sessions are treated with the strictest confidence.

And finally…

The more you advance, the more you’ll discover that coaching is not only about getting better results in performing situations – it’s all about you – it’s about learning how to develop yourself into a natural and confident performer in all areas of your life.


Please enquire about rates in your local currency. Payment must be made via PayPal prior to each live personal coaching session.

To get started, and for more information, please contact me here.